New Jose Rizal one-peso coins the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas minted to commemorate the 150th Birth Anniversary of the country’s national hero have begun circulating through the financial system. The coins are of the same size and weight as the one-peso coin now in circulation —24 millimeters in diameter at 5.35 grams. On the side … Read more

BSP to produce Rizal’s 150th Anniversary medal

During the centennial celebration of Rizal’s day, the Central Bank of the Philippines minted in limited quantities 50 centavo and 1-piso coins showing two angles of Rizal’s bust. The coins were produced in the United States and were made of .900 fine silver. The mintage of both coins were just limited to just 100, 000 … Read more

Tips on spotting genuine notes in circulation

In the booklet “Know Your Philippine Currency,” the BSP advised the public to study and familiarize the characteristics, designs and distinct features of the central banknotes. The following are some practical steps to tell genuine BSP notes: * Feel the paper – Genuine notes are printed on a special kind of paper, which is rough … Read more