Barter Ring

108. (24 K Gold Hammered Bracelet dug in Butuan, Mindanao in 1970 weighs 4 grams), 109. (24 K Gold Hammered Bracelet dug in Butuan, Mindanao in 1970 weighs 6.2 grams), 110. (24 K Gold Barter Ring dug in Butuan, Mindanao in 1970 weighs 4.9 grams, 111. (24 K Gold Barter Ring dug in Butuan, Mindanao in 1970 weighs 3.9 grams), 112. (24 K Gold … Read more

Introduction to U.S. – Philippines Coins

In 1902 a bill was signed by the President Theodore Roosevelt authorizing a new and distinct coinage to be struck for use in the United States Territory. The designs were to signify the United States absorption and sovereignty over the newly established territory, the Islands of the Philippines, a former Spanish colony. After a number … Read more

Grading Paper Money

The Grading of paper money is the most important aspect of dealing with currency. Whether you are buying for a collection or just trying to determine what the value of a given note is. Very small and seemingly insignificant features such as a small corner fold or a slight, almost undetectable wrinkle, could result in … Read more

King Alfonso XIII (1886 – 1898)

Alfonso XIII (Alfonso León Fernando Maria Jaime Isidro Pascual Antonio de Borbon y Austria-Lorena); when anglicised Alphonse Leon Ferdinand Mary James Isidor Pascal Anthony of Bourbon and Austria-Lorraine (May 17 , 1886 – February 28 , 1941), King of Spain, posthumous son of Alfonso XII of Spain, was proclaimed King at his birth. He reigned from 1886-1931. His mother, Queen Maria Christina, was appointed regent during … Read more

Philippine Coinage

Pre – Hispanic Coinage Barter Ring Shells Piloncitos Spanish Era Coins Barilla King Carlos III (Carolus III) King Carlos IV (Carolus IIII) King Ferdinand VII (Ferdin VII) Queen Isabela II (Isabel II) King Alfonso XII (Alfonso XII) King Alfonso XIII (Alfonso XIII) Revolutionary Coinage (Katipunan) Malolos Republic Aguinaldo United States – Philippine Coinage Introduction Philadelphia … Read more

Numismatic Terms

About Good The grade AG-3. The grade of a coin that falls short of Good. Only the main features of the coin are present in this grade. Peripheral lettering, date, stars, etc. sometimes are partially worn away. See Also — AG3 About Uncirculated The grades AU50, 53, 55, and 58. A coin that on first … Read more

King Alfonso XII (1874 – 1885)

Alfonso XII (November 28, 1857–November 25, 1885) was king of Spain, reigning from 1875 to 1885, after a “coup d’etat” restored the monarchy and ended the ephemeral First Spanish Republic. Alfonso was the son of Isabella II of Spain, and allegedly, Francis of Assisi de Borbon, her King Consort. His true biological paternity is uncertain, though his legal paternity is not: … Read more

Finest 1906-S One Peso offered at Stack’s

The 1906 San Francisco mint 1 Peso enjoys the status as “King of Philippine coins” not because of its mintage, but because of the history behind it. There were more than 200 thousand of this coin produced dated 1906 aside from the proof coin minted by the Philadelphia mint. But because of the scarcity of silver and its … Read more