In the year of 2003, a rare printing error occurred in the Bangko Sentral facility where banknotes were being printed. This affected the production of the 20 peso bill which resulted to some 20 pesos note’s reverses to either exhibit light printing or totally lost the whole design itself which should have resulted to a uniface 20 peso bill.

Other special errors were recently sold via Ebay, belonging to the same batch but one apparent error I have managed to save the images was a unique 20 peso note where a second printing of obverse occurred on the note’s reverse which therefore resulted to overlapping images.

Modern error notes rarely surface since the Mint are very strict and to stumble upon such kind of error is like winning a lottery.

The reason why I became particular with this date is because several collectors also cited the same abnormalities on the 20 peso notes dated 2003. Some notes exhibited lightly printed reverse which were particularly obvious only with this date and denomination. Click this link to view more…

Apparently, uniface note is one of the toughest type of errors in collecting notes since Mint employees should have easily recognized the oddity and apparently destroyed it after being isolated.

Luckily this note escaped scrutiny and now belongs to the exclusive collection of this site.