I have recently acquired a collection of unusual errors composing of a series of odd twenty-five centavo coins. Instead of the usual golden yellowish texture, these coins are white metallic textured. I though first that these coins were intentionally dipped into zinc thus making the white appearance but my assumption was wrong, these coins were actually white plated coins in mint condition. The Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas could not explained how did this happen but after scrutiny these appears to be coins struck on foreign planchets or possibly planchets intended for another denomination or old stock planchets. The one dating 2001 looks like the golden plating missing but what I don’t understand is how it become nickel plated. I understand that the Central Bank is the minting this type of coin and no other planchet produced in the past that had the similar characteristic as this one so how have it become white. Definitely, I don’t have the answer at the moment and I’m still doing some researches in the archives and library of the BSP so I could later provide you with the definite answer. Meanwhile, here are the images for you to analyze.

2001 Twenty Five Centavos

1986 Twenty Five Centavos

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