1762 One Real with F70 counterstamp: A Unique Specimen Of Counterstamped Minor Coins

Counterstamped minor coin is one of the hardest to acquire in the hobby of collecting counterstamp coins.  Dr. Pablo De Jesus and Dr. Fortirch have listed counterstamped minor coins among the top variety of counterstamp coins that are hard to come by in the market.  Among the four (4) denominations other than 8 reales, only three (3) namely: four (4) reales, two (2) reales, and one (1) real counterstamped coins have appeared in the market since the collecting began in the early days of the 20th century in the Philippines.  Among them, only the four (4) and two (2) reales have been documented to bear both King Ferdinand VII and Queen Isabela II mark while only specimen bearing the counterstamp of Queen isabela II appeared in the one (1) real coin.  No half (1/2) real coin was known to exist bearing either of the two reigns.

Among the counterstamped one real coins, none were struck on coins dating the 1700 period and those that were reported to surface only bear the reign mark of Queen Isabela II.  Very rare are the "dos mondos" or the legendary two pillar coins having marks of either of the two reign in any denominations.  Seeing a one real "dos mondos" bearing the mark of King Ferdinand VII is really magnificent and breathtaking because this is truly another great discovery in the realm of Philippine numismatic.  The specimen bears the 5-4-1 pearl and  minted in Mexico.    


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