1862 Isabel II MANILA Junio 21 Inauguracion Del Obras Fuente Tubular

A similar medal issued during the reign of Queen Isabel shows the inauguration of the Manila Mint in 1861. It was only known among Philippine historians that  there were only water utility medals issued by Spain such as the 1882 Alfonso XII medal commemorating the opening of the Sta. Cruz fountain and first modern water pipe system of the City of Manila.

There were no reports however of bridge medals besides than the occasional bridge tokens that were discovered years ago, the rarest of which was from the later part of the 19th century.

This medal is otherwise believed to have been struck in Manila since the same design was used in the medal to commemorate the opening of the Manila Mint. No reported medal was struck for bridge inauguration and this specimen has only been known in existence on this modern day only. It is struck in silver and weighs around 5 grams.