The Platinum Amulet (Anting-Anting)

This artifact is perhaps the most significant discovery in Philippine history. Never before expected that this rare metal would be present in the Philippine and in such period of our colorful past. Anting-anting is unique to Philippine culture and still baffle historians up to this day. There are so many varieties that have surfaced in the past and yet none have ever traced its maker nor those significant people who have worn these talisman.

What makes this piece so important is because it is one of a kind. Platinum is a very rare metal and the existence of this metal in our history proves that Spain did bring platinum to the Philippines during their reign. Numismatist only became aware of the existence of Platinum in Philippine numismatic when then young lawyer,. Willam Villareal reported a 2 peso Isabel struck in platinum during the late 70's. Spain did utilize Platinum for counterfeiting coins for their South American colonies during the reign of Isabel II. It has never been accounted though in our historical records if it had been done otherwise in the Philippines aside from the discovery of Villareal.